Deirdre is a Sussex-born author and photographer who undertakes in-depth research, explores new outdoor trails and imagines the past to create historical fiction.

The University of Bath Spa MA in Creative Writing developed her research and writing skills. She is seeking representation for a coming-of-age novel set in eighteenth-century Sussex.

Deirdre's new guidebook, Day Walks on the High Weald will be published in 2018 and as well as describing 20 fabulous walks, the guide hopes to give you cultural, historical and ecological insights into this fascinating Area of Natural Beauty. Deirdre's guidebooks will help you enjoy walking and cycling around South East England and are all published by outdoor specialist, Vertebrate Publishing

Read about her current adventures researching Day Walks on the High Weald here.

Deirdre is drawn to writing and photography because these mediums help us to become immersed in our world. As light illuminates the landscape so stories help us discover who we are, where we come from and what we might become.


Deirdre's latest guidebook is Sussex Walks.

There's lots of fresh information in newly updated Cycling Days Out South East England.

Deirdre's poem, A Long Walk Home, was judged as Outstanding and won Class 141, Senior Poetry at the Mid-Somerset Festival 2017.