Research for Day Walks on the High Weald, commissioned by Vertebrate Publishing, is almost complete. It has been my privilege to reconnoitre this Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty, rich in history and ecological importance.

My stories are inspired by the dark and light of landscapes, the gaps I find where time slips through the leaves in the glare of the sun and voices shout out desperate to tell their tales. While treading these ancient routeways, I passed a timber-boarded inn, unremarkable and likely, I thought, to be the heart of a community. Later, at The Keep archives, I came across a nineteenth-century crime with an intriguing yet ordinary woman at its centre. She lived at that unremarkable inn, the one I tramped past and barely gave a second look, then unaware of the domestic dramas played out behind its tall walls. Her fascinating story is the focus of my writing.

This new fictional project builds on all I learned writing 'Ladder to Freedom', a 'coming of age' story about independence, hope and community, set on an isolated eighteenth-century farm on the South Downs.  I am seeking representation for this manuscript, started during the Bath Spa MA in Creative Writing.

I am also mulling over potential narratives for children which encourage immersion in the natural landscape and a feeling of adventure in the outdoors.